It's Holiday Pie Time! Do you have Fear of Pie-ing? The Pie Queen is here to help. Order your holiday pies now, or get a group of friends together for a holiday pie-making class right in your own home kitchen. Contact me for details.

Order your holiday pies now! You can pick up in the East Bay on Wednesday, 11/21, or Thursday, 11/22. Delivery in the East Bay, North Bay, and SF also possible for a small additional fee. Here are the types of pies we typically offer, but if you've got a craving for cherry or key lime instead, just ask. All pies are possible! Crusts are typically all-butter; vegan or fabulous butter-lard also available. Go to the Contact page to place your order.

Classic Autumn Apple Made with a mix of sweet & tart fresh local apples, lightly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. $25

Classic Apple w/ Raisins A family favorite! $25

Pumpkin Made with fresh, slow-roasted winter squash, eggs, cream, and spices. A custardy delight! $25

Eggless Pumpkin Same as above, but w/o eggs. Can also be made non-dairy (vegan). $25

Crustless Pumpkin Custard No crust, no problem! For your gluten-free or wheat-avoidant guests, all the tasty pumpkin filling and none of the crust! $18

Sweet Potato A Southern favorite! Mashed sweet potato, brown sugar, eggs, cream, and spices. $22

Cranberry-Tangerine Something different! Tangy, ruby-red, fresh cranberry filling in a crunchy walnut crust. Perfect with a dollop of whipped cream! $25

Pear and Quince Tart An open-face tart, made with pear and luscious poached quince in a light almond filling. $25

Cranberry Tea Bread Perfect toasted for breakfast before or after Thanksgiving! Cranberries, orange rind, and walnuts. $12

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